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Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

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Nurse and Pump Easy Bra Size
Custom Bear & Breastfeeding Caddy Color

Congratulations, mama-to-be! We know you're ready to embark on this incredible journey of motherhood. Our Breastfeeding Essentials Kit is designed exclusively for you, to make your transition into the world of breastfeeding smooth, comfortable, and stylish. Packed with everything you need for your hospital bag, this kit is your one-stop solution for embracing the beauty of breastfeeding.

What's Inside:

  • 20 Pcs Breast Milk Storage Bags: Store your liquid gold securely with our convenient and space-efficient storage bags. 
  • Sticky Tits Notepad: Write down precious moments with this adorable notepad.
  • Snap Easy Heating Pad: This heating pad provides soothing warmth to relieve any discomfort during breastfeeding sessions, making every feed a cozy experience.
  • Silicone Breast Pump: Effortlessly collect excess milk while feeding with our gentle silicone breast pump. It's a quiet and discreet way to build up your milk stash.
  • Boobmark: Our unique bookmark rests on your nursing bra strap, ensuring you never lose your place during those late-night reading sessions while feeding your little one.
  • Nurse and Pump Easy Bra: Experience ultimate convenience with this specially designed bra. Effortlessly switch between nursing and pumping without changing bras.
  • See Easy Night Light: Our night light provides a soft, calming glow, allowing you to tend to your baby without disturbing their sleep.
  • Boob Massager: Relieve any tension or discomfort with our innovative boob massager, designed to enhance your breastfeeding experience.
  • Breastfeeding Fan: Stay cool and comfortable during warmer days while nursing. 
  • Store Easy Small with Nipple: A convenient, on-the-go storage solution for smaller amounts of milk. It comes with a nipple, making feeding a breeze even when you're away.
  • Custom Stuffed Bear: A little something for your baby to snuggle while you're not around. It's a comforting presence that brings a smile to both your faces.
  • Custom Breastfeeding Caddy: As a modern mom, you're always on the move. Keep your breastfeeding essentials organized and within arm's reach, whether you're working from home or on the go.

Please indicate customization details in the Notes upon checkout:

1. Custom Stuffed Bear

   Embroidery: <name or initials>  <font> 

2. Custom WFH Caddy

   Name/Initials to Deboss (Up to 10 letters only; no spaces)


Please allow 1-2 weeks for customization

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