Breastfeeding 101: Tips for Successful Lactation and Milk Production

Breastfeeding 101: Tips for Successful Lactation and Milk Production

Navigating the beautiful journey of motherhood includes embracing the art of breastfeeding and first, you have to congratulate yourself for starting your wonderful nursing journey! 

In this guide, we delve into the fundamentals of successful lactation and milk production. Whether you're a first-time mom or looking to enhance your breastfeeding experience, these tips will guide you through nurturing your little one while prioritizing your own well-being.


  1. The Importance of a Comfortable Breastfeeding Space

Breastfeeding alone is already hard and it's best for you to prepare and create a serene and comfortable space both for you and your baby. A calming environment can help foster a strong breastfeeding bond. You can choose a comfortable couch or chair where you can sit and rest while you breastfeed, ensure everything you need is within reach of your couch such as water, your phone, a book to read, the remote, baby wipes, and your Milk Easy Silicone Breast Pump to catch any leaks from your other boob while you breastfeed. 

  1. Nutrition and Hydration to Help Boost Breast Milk 

Nutrition and hydration play a big role in maintaining breast milk supply. This essential list is recommended for  breastfeeding moms to improve their breast milk production: 

  • Calcium-rich food such as milk, salmon, broccoli, almonds, tofu 
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Fiber such as whole grains and oats 
  • Unsaturated fats such as avocado, peanut butter, cashew, nuts 
  • Malunggay ( a known super-food is Moringa, known as Malunggay, is a natural galactagogue that doubles a mother's breast milk supply. Supported by a study in The Philippines Journal of Pediatrics, this superfood has shown its effectiveness in increasing milk flow, making it a valuable addition for breastfeeding moms)

Did you know that you can indulge in Malunggay without dealing with its bitter taste? Try the Milk Easy x Ava Spreads   - elevate your snacking experience with delightful flavors like Four Cheese Pimiento, Hazelnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chia Crunch, and Pistachio Moringa Pesto. Priced at ₱375.00 each.


  1. Effective Latching Techniques

Mastering the art of effective latching is foundational for successful breastfeeding. Learn about proper positioning and latch techniques to ensure a comfortable and productive nursing session for both you and your baby. 

Create a serene environment by reclining on a comfortable surface. Hold your baby skin-to-skin against your bare chest, allowing them to lead and showcasing their hunger cues. When your baby is ready, let them search for the breast, supporting their head and shoulders without forcing the latch.

Allow your breast to hang naturally, waiting for your baby's chin to hit the breast. The firm pressure encourages a wide mouth opening for a deep latch. Always remember, your baby can breathe at the breast.

If challenges persist, consider gently tickling the baby's lips or adjusting their positioning to encourage a wide latch. Watch the lower lip, aiming for a large mouthful of breast. With patience and understanding, you'll find the approach that works best for you and your baby.

  1. The Power of Breastfeeding Accessories:

Explore the must-have breastfeeding essentials that can enhance your nursing experience. 

You can start preparing before giving birth with this breastfeeding essential kit  or prepare a checklist for the items below:

Nursing bras for easy access for your baby anywhere you are

Efficient breast pumps

Boob Massager

A Nursing Cover


  1. Self-Care Hour (or Day) for Breastfeeding Moms

Motherhood is a demanding journey, and self-care is paramount. Remember to set time for yourself self-care practices that contribute to your overall well-being as this will also help support a successful lactation journey.

It’s ok to ask for help! Ask your hubby, your mom, or your friend to help take care of your baby while you set an hour or more off,  just for you! Find time for yourself and what you want to do, go to the mall, eat your favorite food with two hands (without having to think of feeding your baby first or while nursing),  read a book, watch your favorite series, and take a long bath. 


  1. Seeking Professional Support

Sometimes, expert guidance is essential when we encounter low supply, incorrect latching, super painful clogged milk ducts, or just mental, or physical support. The importance of seeking support from lactation consultants, healthcare professionals, and support groups to address specific breastfeeding challenges will greatly help you prolong your nursing journey. It takes a village! 

Breastfeeding is a lifelong journey and a privilege for most moms. This is a special time of bonding and nurturing with your baby.  Enjoy and savor these moments, momma. They grow up way too quickly!

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