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Milk Easy

Milking Mama-to-Be Kit

Milking Mama-to-Be Kit

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Breastfeeding Fan Color
Nurse and Pump Easy Bra Size
Ava's Kitchen Lactation Munchies

What's Inside:

    • Moo Bag
    • Nurse and Pump Easy Bra: Experience ultimate convenience with this specially designed bra. Effortlessly switch between nursing and pumping without changing bras.
    • 2 bottles of Ava's Kitchen Lactation Munchies: Deliciously homemade lactation spreads from our kitchen to yours. Perfect with bread or crackers. Best of all, it helps increase mother’s milk production.
    • 20 pcs Breast Milk Storage Bags: These pre-sterilized and double-safety locked milk storage bag is guaranteed to store your liquid gold securely and hygienically, and equipped with a spout for easier pouring and allergen icons for labelling.
    • Silicone Breast Pump: Effortlessly collect excess milk while feeding with our gentle silicone breast pump to build up your milk stash.
    • Store Easy Big with Nipple: The eco-friendly and compact alternative to traditional milk storage bottles and bags.
    • Breastfeeding Fan: Stay cool and comfortable during warmer days while nursing. 

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