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Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle
Breastfeeding Bundle

Breastfeeding Bundle

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Pump Easy 2.0 wireless breast pump

Lets you pump without wires, hands-free by cupping the shell on your breasts so you can pump milk whether you're leaning back, walking or sitting. Now in a slimmer, more compact version.

  • Wireless pumping (no wires, hands-free)
  • Milk is collected in the pump collection cup itself
  • 5-level massage mode to stimulate milk letdown
  • 5-level suction mode (up to 300mmHg)
  • Charge using a micro USB cable
  • Can be charged with a portable powerbank
  • Can be used for up to four (4) 20-minute pumping sessions on a full charge
  • 180 ml collection cup with volume indicator
  • Best used with the Milk Easy Nurse and Pump Easy Bra
  • Comes with one (1) year warranty
  • Comes with Milk Easy Breast Milk Storage Bags, a pump pouch and a Milk of the Day Breastfeeding notepad 
  • Weight: 229g
  • Spare parts sold separately*

How to measure your nipple diameter:

  • Measure the diameter of your nipple in millimeters (mm). Do not include your areola.
  • Add 4mm to your nipple measurement when selecting your breast shield size. (Ex. Nipple measurement 20mm + allowance 4mm = pump size 24mm).
  • If you’re in between sizes, go up to the bigger size (ex. 25mm, your breast shield size will be 27mm)

Pumping guide/tips:

  • Try your Pump Easy immediately upon receipt of item. All parts can be replaced within 14 days.
  • Start to pump at the lowest setting (level 1).
  • Pumping should never hurt! If it does, use a lower setting.
  • If you got a little carried away with pumping, apply lanolin cream at the base of your nipple where it meets the areola. Not around the whole areola or nipple.

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    Snap Easy heating pad with linen cover. Just snap the coin and it'll stay warm for more than 30 minutes!

    How to use:

    1. Insert heating pad into linen cover.
    2. Snap/bend the silver coin to activate the heating agent. Pad will warm up and solidify in a matter of seconds and will stay warm for over 30 minutes.
    3. To reuse, submerge the pad in hot water for at least 15 minutes. Reusable up to 100x.

    Material: Sodium acetate

    Product dimensions: 10 x 15cm